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I keep hearing and reading women going on about how they are “never” supposed to chase men. Yet, you are being chased by dozens everyday that aren’t to your liking. Time innovates and things change. Keep in mind this”tradition” was carved in a time where women didnt have many rights or options in life. 

So if in a time where cooking food, doing laundry and staying home with the kids was also tradition you could make the argument that it is a Man’s job to lead and make the decisive move by approaching what he saw fit to take care of his home. In 2012 we live in a society where women can voice whatever opinion they may have and lead whichever life they feel makes them happy. You can buy your own home, buy your own cars, run your own company, live your own life.

You cant tell me you find it logical with these attained rights and new found freedoms that you see it best to sit and wait for Mr Right to fall (head over heels) into your lap. You see what you need/want in this world you must find some way to attain it. Remember the chinese proverb ”Ripe fruit falls by itself but NOT into your mouth.” It goes for men and women. We are equal players in this society and if you always sit and wait for anything you will not receive what’s best. “Pray to GOD but keep rowing towards the shore.” Keep in mind how many traditions were born in a time of oppression. 

As women write a stronger and more diverse history into your future you cannot hold onto this old indoctrinated nonsense. Just go outside and walk thru your neighborhood and tell me you are interested in what approaches you on a daily basis. You all see what you like somewhere but many of you refuse to mention or even hint that you are interested because you believe Prince charming will read your mind, break into your home and make you his wife.

What does “Chase” really mean to you anyway? Im obviously not talking about running someone down who isnt interested….


  1. newagerasta said: all the women i had relationships with chased me. since i never really chased…my game is all f’ed up.
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